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Here you will find a range of on-demand content presented by your colleagues, sharing data and insights. Keep track of your learning progress by earning CPD certification through downloading your own Reflective Learning Guides. 

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Date of preparation: August 2021 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2100126

A series of 6 videos discussing;

  • From Chronic Back Pain to Diagnosis of axSpA
  • What is Early axSpA and Can We Find It Before It's Too Late?
  • When to Treat Early axSpA
  • From Treatment to Outcomes
  • Axial SpA with Psoriasis vs. Axial PsA: A Debate
  • Unmet Needs for Patients with Axial Spondyloarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Modules presented by:
Professor Jürgen Braun, Dr Pedro Machado, Professor Alex Bennett, Dr Raj Sengupta, Dr Deepak Jadon, Professor Denis Poddubnyy and Professor Martin Rudwaleit

EULAR Highlights 2021

Date of preparation: July 2021 | IE-P-CZ-AS-2100073

A series of 4 videos discussing;

  • The importance of diagnosing earlier
  • The importance of sustained remission
  • How the C-OPTIMISE study may affect treatment strategy
  • Family planning considerations

Panel discussion with:
Professor Karl Gaffney, Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega, Professor Ian Giles


Dose optimisation in axSpA

Date of preparation: September 2021 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2100061

A series of 4 videos discussing;

  • Pre-conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • In a virtual world - COVID-19

Presented by:
Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Dr Elise Kleyn and Dr Maria Mouyis

Personalising treatment for her

Date of preparation: May 2021 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2100055

A series of 4 videos discussing;

  • The concept of axial spondyloarthritis 
  • Why does early diagnosis and remission in axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) matter?
  • Dose reduction after achieving remission
  • Conclusions 

Presented by:
Dr Pedro Machado
Associate Professor and Consultant Rheumatologist

Advances in Axial Spondyloarthritis




Keep up to date with the latest views and opinions amongst your colleagues.

Here you can listen to regular podcast programmes aimed at different audiences, working within the field of Rheumatology.  Don't forget to take the opportunity to download your Reflective Learning Guides.  

Pharmacy podcasts series
Date of preparation: May 2021 | IE-P-CZ-AS-2100041

A series of podcasts discussing;

  • Crisis management - adapting to the new normal and creating Pharmacist networks
  • Safety profile and the role of Pharmacists and commissioning and making a business case
  • Working within the scope of the practice, consultation skills and clinical assessment skills

Presented by:
Ms Kalveer Flora, Ms Anusha Patel, Mr Paresh Parmar, Professor lnderjit Singh, Ms Katy Jackson, Professor Nina Barnett, Ms Hilary McKee

The Pharmacy Podcast Series

Pharmacy podcasts series


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