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Evolution in Rheumatology for Nurses Highlights 2022
Date of preparation: June 2022 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2200048

  • Fertility ‒ What is the Impact?
  • Shared Decision-Making Around Family Planning
  • The Future of Specialist Nursing
  • Rheumatology Nursing Moving Forward

Modules presented by:
Dr Maria Mouyis, Dr Iona Thorne, Professor Alison Leary MBE and Ms Alison Kent

Evolution in Rheumatology for Nurses Highlights 2022

Evolution in Rheumatology for Nurses Highlights 2022
ERM Highlights 2021
Date of preparation: March 2022 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2200011

Evolution in Rheumatology Highlights 2021

A series of 6 modules across two topics from the Evolution in Rheumatology for Consultants Meeting 2021. Includes your Reflective Learning Guide downloads with opportunity for CPD certification.

A series of 6 modules across two topics:

  • A year in review in Rheumatology
  • What differences does gender make?

Modules presented by:
Dr William Tillett, Professor Karl Gaffney, Dr James Galloway, Dr Edward Vital, Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega and Mr Edward Morris

Evolution in Rheumatology Highlights 2021

ERM Highlights 2021
Date of preparation: July 2021 | IE-P-CZ-AS-2100073

A series of 4 videos discussing;

  • The importance of diagnosing earlier
  • The importance of sustained remission
  • How the C-OPTIMISE study may affect treatment strategy
  • Family planning considerations

Panel discussion with:
Professor Karl Gaffney, Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega, Professor Ian Giles


Dose optimisation in axSpA

Date of preparation: September 2021 | IE-P-CZ-axSpA-2100061

A series of 4 videos discussing;

  • Pre-conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • In a virtual world - COVID-19

Presented by:
Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Dr Elise Kleyn and Dr Maria Mouyis

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