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BIMZELX is indicated for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adults who are candidates for systemic therapy.1

NICE recommendation applies to severe disease (PASI ≥ 10 or DLQI > 10) and when the disease has not responded to other systemic treatments, or when they are contraindicated or not tolerated.2

Blocking IL-17F in addition to il-17a results in superior inhibition of inflammatory responses vs blocking il-17a alone3


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BIMZELX is the first biologic for adult patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis designed to selectively and directly inhibit il-17a and il-17f1,4


Why is the mechanism of action important

IL-17F levels are approximately 3-fold higher than IL-17A in psoriatic skin.5

Pre-clinical data shows that BIMZELX provides more complete inhibition of the IL-17F and IL-17A pathway compared with blocking IL-17A alone.3,6 The clinical relevance of this data is unknown.

What’s more, BIMZELX inhibits IL-17F and IL-17A that can come from IL-23-dependent and independent sources, both of which contribute to inflammation in psoriasis.6

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BIMZELX inhibits IL-17A and IL-17F – including both homodimers and the heterodimer-from interacting with the IL-17 receptor complex*3,4

Sizes of cytokines indicates higher expression level of IL-17F vs IL-17A in psoriatic skin.4

*Mechanism based on in vitro and human studies3,6


IL, interleukin; IL-17 RA, interleukin 17 receptor A; IL-17 RC, interleukin 17 receptor C




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Date of preparation: August 2021