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Cimzia SELECT is a flexible, tailored, enhanced nurse patient support programme for patients who have been prescribed Cimzia. Helping to initiate patients onto therapy smoothly and quickly whilst providing the capability and flexibility to maintain consistent, quality care.

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What does Cimzia SELECT offer?

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Enhanced nurse support

Cimzia Specialist Nurses will offer face to face, or over the phone, tailored support for patients. They will explore any lifestyle, psychological or social support the patient may need, as well as clinical support, and recommend a bespoke Personal Care Plan.

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Flexible delivery

Patients can choose whether their Cimzia medication is delivered to their home, their work, or, where possible, their local high street pharmacy.

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Hospital MDT support

The enhanced nurse support provides works with the Trust to ensure smooth and successful patient enrolment to provide continued support for your Cimzia patients once they have been prescribed. Providing phlebotomy services and regular updates on your Cimzia patients' progress and outcomes means continued care outside of hospital.


What do patients say about Cimzia SELECT?

Net Promoter

Net Promotor
Score of 99*

84% of patients felt the homecare and patient support they received was tailored and personalised.*

86% of patients felt the support they received from the Cimzia Select nurse was beneficial.*

*Patient survey from January 2021 included 154 patients. Patients rated the care they received from their Cimzia Select nurse, provided by Apodi, on a scale of 1-5 (1 = not at all, 5 = very); the mean score was converted into a percentage (n=154).




Sign up

How do I sign-up to Cimzia SELECT?

Signing up is easy, only one Master Service Agreement/Work Order is required. You will be offered support for transitioning any existing patients.

Please contact your local UCB representative for more information.

Cimzia SELECT service is only available in the UK


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